Printable ABC Flash Cards

ABC Flash CardsPrintable ABC Flash Cards are a great way to help you kids learn their alphabet letters. Use them as traditional flash cards to learn ABC's, create a book with them or even us them for fun memory games.

Avery just started kindergarten, and while she can say her ABC's and knows most of the sounds she had trouble with the letter identification test at school. That meant it was time to start studying her ABC's here at home. This was just a simple test where the teacher points at the letters and the student is supposed to say there names. Alphabet flash cards had been one of my favorites as a kid and I thought they would be perfect for practicing for this test. To make studying more I decided to make her a set of my own with cute picture on them.

Our free printable ABC flash card set come with all the letters of the alphabet, A - Z. Each card has a large capital letter and a smaller lower case letter on it. As you can see there is also the cute picture I mentioned earlier on each card. This will help your kids remember and practice their sounds.

This download comes as either an easy print PDF or a zip file with individual PNG files saved for each letter. Each flash card is sizedĀ  at approximately 3.3x2.5 (3.28x2.45 inches to be exact). This size will fit into MOST standard name badge/id holders. You can use these name badge/id holders to create a durable ABC flash card book for your kids to play with on their own.

To create your own ABC flash cards you will need to download our file. Then print it out on bright white card stock or photo paper. Cut out each card using a scissors or a craft cutter. You can then either laminate your flash cards or add them to the id holders I mentioned earlier.

Download the ABC Flash Cards Easy Print PDF

Download the ABC Flash Cards PNG Files

Here is the break down of each letter. A (apple), B (bear), C (carrot), D (duck), E (earth), F (fish), G (grill), H (hotdog), I (ice cream), J (jam), K (kite), L (lamb), M (mouth), N (needle), O (owl), P (pig), Q (queen), R (rocket), S (sun), T (tree), U (umbrella), V (vine), W (watermelon), X (xylophone), Y (yarn), and Z (zipper).

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