Printable Play Dough Tags & Recipe

Printable Playdough Tags & Recipe

Making our own Play Dough is one of my kids favorite projects. This printable comes with colorful play dough labels and my favorite recipe.

Just follow the recipe to make your own play dough then you can print out the labels to put on mason jars or zip lock bags.

This is a wonderful gift idea. When making as a gift I like to put the label on one side and the recipe on the other.

Download the Printable Play Dough Tags & Recipe


Marie & Kaden

Play Dough Recipe

Mix dry ingredients in a medium
pot. Combine with liquids and
cook over medium heat for
3-5 min. When you can form a
ball in the center of the pot,
remove from heat. Knead dough
on lightly floured surface until the
texture is right.
Store in airtight container.

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