Cloud Identification Printout

KC-Cloud-IdentificationI spotted this project on Pinterest and loved it. I created a new print out to use for my cub scout troop. The boys had so much fun identifying the different types of clouds.
Just print out the file and cut it out. I used a craft paper cutter to out the inner square and then used tape to attach them to popsicle sticks. The kids can then hold them up to sky to see what kids of clouds are out.

This comes as an easy print PDF with two on each sheet or a 5" X 7" jpg that can be printed on photo paper.

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Printable Play Dough Tags & Recipe

Printable Playdough Tags & Recipe

Making our own Play Dough is one of my kids favorite projects. This printable comes with colorful play dough labels and my favorite recipe.

Just follow the recipe to make your own play dough then you can print out the labels to put on mason jars or zip lock bags.

This is a wonderful gift idea. When making as a gift I like to put the label on one side and the recipe on the other.

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Printable Popcorn Bucket for Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night PopcornAnother of our favorite family fun activities is watching movies together. The kids love to pretend we have our very own movie theater. To make this even more fun I created these Family Movie Night printables complete with personal popcorn buckets, movie tickets and straw decorations.

All you need to do is download and print the provided PDF. Then just cut everything out. A glue stick works perfect to glue the tabs on the popcorn bucket together. You can use a hole punch on both the top and the bottom of the popcorn straw decoration to create the holes for the straw to slide through.

Just a note - by default this creates a three sided, triangular popcorn bucket. If you want a square bucket just print out and extra side and cut a square piece of paper to file the hole in the bottom.

Download our Family Movie Night Popcorn Printable Pack


Pop Can Bi-Plane Project for Kids

When I saw this I thought "WOW what a fun project for kids." This cute little bi-plane made out of an old pop can is right up my kids alley. We haven't found the time to make one yet, but it is on the top of our family project list.

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Martha Stewart Pipe Cleaner Farm Kit On Sale Now!

Martha Stewart Crafts - Pipe Cleaner Farm Animals Kit, BRAND NEW

I just found this wonderful little kit on sale at It is only $4.69 right now and looks like something my kids would totally love. I am thinking I might just have to order this one. This would make a great family project!

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Monster Bag Puppet

thumb_monster"Checkout my monster. Mom and I created this killer creature. What fun! His name is "Monstory" and he loves eating crazy little birds."


Hi all "Mom" here. This project was really fun and totally easy. I just set out some left over craft supplies and let the kids go wild. To recreate this project all you need is brown paper lunch bags, colored foam sheets, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, popsicle sticks, feathers, scissors and hot glue.